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Corby, Northants, UK


Couple Meditating


We currently offer an Introduction to Mindfulness and an 8 Week Mindfulness Course.

On the 8 week course each session is 2 hours long and will have an element of teacher led learning, individual practice, and group work.


As part of the course you will also be invited to a retreat day at Rockingham Village Hall, where you will be led through many of the practices that you've learnt. This day will help to deepen your practice and is a truly wonderful experience. 

Business Meeting


Coaching helps guide individuals to make, meet and exceed personal and professional goals.

Mindful coaching is a combination of mindfulness, present moment awareness and coaching skills. It helps us to step outside of ordinary conversation and explore what’s really happening. It allows us to move away from every day pressures, creating space and examining what is important without being distracted by our mental clutter.

It’s this special blend that transforms an ordinary coaching session into something truly unique.

Mindful coaching helps us to slow down and become fully present, enabling powerful transformation.

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Being a child can be really tough!

It's a sad reality but, recent reports show increased anxiety and stress levels in young children. Mindfulness can really help with this!

It improves the child’s ability to pay attention, to calm down when overwhelmed with big emotions and make better decisions. 

Our course will take children through the basics of mindfulness practice, teach them about how the brain works, how they can deal with their emotions, help build resilience and develop compassion.  

All whilst having lots of fun!!