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Corby, Northants, UK


"Having two failed marriages behind me and a recent break-up I was at my lowest ebb. I was feeling very down and had really low self esteem. Jenni was amazing! I knew what I wanted from life but just couldn't get motivated. Since working with Jenni I have achieved my fitness and weight loss goals, and met my future husband. My life is fantastic now! Jenni is patient, listens with great care, and knew exactly what to do to unlock my potential. I am feeling really positive about the future and it's all down to Jenni!"


"Thank you so much for delivering the Introduction to Mindfulness yesterday. My team genuinely enjoyed it with comments including "Helpful, Interesting, Interactive, Much Needed, Unexpected, Enlightening, Good Mood and Good Vibes" Overall a massive success and they are really looking forward to the start of the 8 week course!"

Corporate Client

"I had heard of Mindfulness and dabbled with it before so wasn't sure what I would get from completing a Mindfulness course. I was amazed that I learnt and achieved so much more than being able to stay calm! I used techniques to improve my performance and efficiency. If there is any time when I feel like procrastinating or there is a particularly difficult task to do, I apply my Mindfulness techniques and am able to get on with things efficiently and effectively. Mindfulness is a real performance booster!!"


"I have nothing but positive things to say about this course. I have found many benefits from Mindfulness, and now find it easier to focus and complete one piece of work rather than dabbling with many thanks at once. I used to get annoyed with myself for getting distracted but the Mindfulness techniques help to reduce these negative feelings towards myself and enable me to move forward. I find that my memory seems much better, and my overall stress levels have reduced. I am able to regulate my emotions and don't feel so grumpy when little things occur that used to make me scream inside. Prior to completing the Mindfulness course, I would never have believed that something like this could have such a positive effect on my well-being. I am now a convert!"